Welcome brave traveler, to the fabled lands of Jeosung


Within this treasured tome you will find a complete D&D fantasy campaign setting deeply inspired by the richness and beauty of Korean culture and history.

❀ D&D 5e ❀ 4 Detailed Kingdoms ❀ New Shaman Class

❀ New Class Variants ❀ New Backgrounds ❀ New Monsters


Four Rich and Unique Lands to Explore

  • Roam the mystical forests of Haguiliesta

  • Meddle in the mercenary politics of Daewanguk

  • Brave the frigid peaks of Noonnara

  • Infiltrate the hermit kingdom of Haenamguk


Dynamic Jobs and Reputation System

The story centers around the Koryo Hall of Adventures, an honorable “mercenary’s guild” of sorts hidden away deep in the wilderness of Haguiliesta. From the Hall, adventurers receive jobs to take care of “problems” elsewhere in the four kingdoms. Sometimes they’ll be saving the land, but other times they’ll be engaging in back alley crime. A reputation system ensures all players stay on the same page, and the party is matched with jobs that suit their characters.

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Divine Spirits in a Godless World

The gods abandoned Jeosung at the end of the first age, leaving a multitude of spirits in their wake. The people respect and honor these spirits, and commonly petition them for assistance. This book outlines a beautifully detailed animistic religion, with full rules for playing D&D without clerics.

❀ Over 40 Kinds of Spirits! ❀ No Deities ❀ No Clerics

Meet the Mudang: Shamans with Class

A full chapter is dedicated to a new shaman class called the Mudang. Shamans use rituals called kutts to connect with the spirits that infuse the land. These spirits are called forth to inhabit the shaman and cast deific magic through her.

❀ Unique Spellcasting System ❀ 5 Elemental Affinities ❀ Time Magic


A Fully Realized Campaign Setting

The story centers around the Koryo Hall of Adventures, an honorable “mercenary’s guild” of sorts hidden away deep in the wilderness of Haguilesta. From the Hall, adventurers set forth into a world that comes alive with an impressive depth of lovingly crafted detail that does its ‘fantasy Korea’ source inspiration proud.

Writer and film director Aurelién Lainé has lived in Seoul, Korea for over a decade and has spent the past two years carefully researching and developing this book. Brilliant descriptions and illustrations help readers visualize the world: from clothing to architecture to traditions and more.

Detailed History ❀ Inspiring Mythology ❀ Four Known Planes ❀ Reputation System

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