The Four Types of Spirits in The Koryo Hall of Adventures

The Four Types of Spirits in The Koryo Hall of Adventures

By now, it is no secret that the main belief in the Koryo Hall of Adventures is animism, or the belief in spirits roaming the lands rather than deities living above. As such, the people of Jeosung believe that their lives are ruled by the whims of the spirits. They have charms and trinkets in their houses to keep them safe from restless spirits. They perform regular rituals at their local shrines and participate in festivals of mass offerings to keep their villages and families safe from plagues.

In order to have a better understanding of the spiritual world of Jeosung, I want to talk to you about the kinds of spirits that you can find in the Koryo Hall of Adventures.


Types of Spirits

First off, it is important to understand the kind of spirits that exist in Jeosung. The most common ones are spirits of elements such as water spirits, fire spirits, etc. You know the elements, I’m not telling you anything new. Then you have the spirits of ancestors. Most of them have passed into the spiritual plane and crossed the river of the dead to make their way towards the afterlife. A shaman with enough experience can call back the spirits of the dead and talk to them for a short while.

Next are the spirits who keep the adventurers of the Hall busy and they are called the restless spirits. Those are either the spirits of dead people who seek revenge or simply spirits who find pleasure in the pain of the living.  Other spirits of note are the protectors who live in houses, near totems or near shrines that were erected for them. Such shrines are often found on the side of roads or near the rim of forests and mountains.

Not all spirits are created equal, of course. There are fours categories of spirits in Jeosung.

The Four Levels of Spirits

Here are the four levels of spirits, from the weakest to find to the most powerful.

Common Spirits. Those are spirits that you’ll find almost anywhere. There are spirits of the elements, protector of houses and of course, the spirits of the dead.

Uncommon Spirits. Those are spirits that are more difficult to find but can produce much greater results when called upon. They are often problem solvers, or protectors of large areas.

Daeshin. Those spirits are not only powerful but also have the ability to command other spirits. It would be fair to call them officers of sorts. Those are the spirits that material creatures organize festivals for.

Daegam. One rank above the Daeshins, they are extremely powerful spirits that will not respond to most requests, as their worshipping alone carries a lot of power. For example, where common and uncommon spirits may protect shops, and Daeshins may protect a market, a Daegam would be the patron of commerce.

I could tell you a lot more about spirits but I hope that you’ll want to find out by yourself in the book itself. The Koryo Hall of Adventures’ Kickstarter campaign will start this month (April 2019) and there will be plenty more in it about spirits and how to use them to your advantage as a shaman.

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