The Koryo Hall of Adventures Reputation System

The Koryo Hall of Adventures Reputation System

The Koryo Hall of Adventures was created at a time of chaos when the people of Jeosung really needed heroes to step up and help them get rid of malevolent spirits and evil creatures roaming the land and threatening their lives. When such heroes did step up, so did less virtuous people who abused the generosity of those in need, leaving a trail of hate and distrust in their wake. This is why, in Jeosung, reputation is regarded as one of the more important asset in any adventurer’s toolkit.

Reputation influences all aspects of adventurers lives: the types of jobs that they can get from the Koryo Hall of Adventures, the kind of welcome they receive in villages and towns, as well as  the type of equipment that they can purchase.

Reputation Points (RPs)

There are two types of RPs, the common RPs and the special RPs. In any given adventure, adventurers gain experience and common RPs by vanquishing foes and solving puzzles. Such common RPs, more often than not, are positive and equal to 1/100th XP Points.

Special RPs are given out for adventure specific decisions and actions taken by the adventurers. Those often come in the form of the “Heroes Choice” challenge in an adventure and is not explicitly stated by the Game Master. For instance, in the One-shot adventures that I wrote for the sample ebook, one such Heroes Choice section deals with how adventurers handle the feud between a young man and the ghost of his ex-girlfriend. Depending on their actions and decisions, the adventurers gain positive RPs or, quite in the contrary, negative RPs. The latter ones often come when a situation is mis-managed, resulting in the death of innocent people.

Characters that fall in a certain range of positive or negative RPs get access to certain jobs at the Hall. This is why the Hall’s job board is separated into main panels: Positive RPs and Negative RPs, also called Good Deeds Panel and Bad Deeds Panel (GDP and BDP respectively). On the former, adventurers can choose jobs that are good for the people of Jeosung such as helping chase malevolent spirits, free a prisoner from an evil lord or destroy one of the advanced Deokkaebi camps on the edge of the underground realm of Jihaguk. The latter gives access to more evil types of jobs such as assassinations, robberies and other political coups. Beginner adventurers start with a neutral reputation score of 0 and get a chance to dig into both positive and negative RPs jobs.

A Game Master’s Tool

When running an adventure in the Koryo Hall of Adventures, the RP system can be a great tool for GMs who enjoy some good roleplay. It is common to ask players about their passive perception in certain situations, and it is just as common in this setting to ask about a character RP score before any type of social interaction. For instance, a high positive RP count can open the door to extra inspiration dice, while a high negative RP score may prevent adventurers from entering villages and get them pushed out of inns and markets.

The most common situation encountered in Jeosung is when a character with a very high positive RP score tries to stealth or simply shop in a large urban area and gets mobbed by fans who have heard from their legendary good deeds. Another equally common situation is having a character with a high negative RP score getting constantly chased by guards and militia when finding themselves in areas where such guards and militias have authority.

All in all, the RP system is a great storytelling tool with the potential to derail adventures and campaigns in the most fun way possible.


Choosing Which Way To Go

Players may be wondering how to choose between a career on the lighter, more positive RPs side, or the darker negative assassin-y RPs side of adventuring. Simply put, it comes down to personal choices and wealth. There is no secret that the more complicated and evil the adventure, the more lucrative it is. This is why it is not unusual for even the most virtuous adventurers to take a quick stroll on the darker side of adventuring to get hold of that one item they really want or to put a bit of gold in their pockets.

The Relationship Between The Hall And Evil Acts

When the Koryo Hall of Adventures was created, it was the center of all hopes where courageous people would come to learn the art of adventuring and then go into the wild and help people. It quickly became clear that such a place couldn’t survive on just the good will of people and that adventurers who “help” don’t have anything to give. After months of conversations and debates amongst the Hall’s most trusted members, and the inability to gather more adventurers for none of them ever became rich, it was accepted that getting more dubious jobs advertised in the Hall was a necessary evil. The Hall’s administrator’s job is therefore to make sure that the adventurers sent by the Hall did more good than evil to keep the angry mobs away.

Promoting Safe Play

The greatest asset about the RP system is its application in public settings such as conventions and weekly plays in shops and community settings around the world. Game Masters can clearly advertise what kind of game they will lead by telling players that they will run an adventure with Positive, Neutral or Negative RP.

When advertising a game for characters with positive reputation, players are expected to make their characters behave accordingly. When advertising a game for characters with negative reputation, players should understand that the GM will most likely bring them into darks places and should avoid joining the game if that makes them uncomfortable. Finally, the neutral reputation score offers more flexibility both ways and the players should communicate with the GM to try and find out where the game might bring them.

It is important to remember that not all players perceive gaming situations the same way but everyone is entitled to have fun. The reputation system helps provide the right environment for everyone.

My personal goal and dream is to be able to raise enough money during the Koryo Hall of Adventures campaign setting Kickstarter campaign to be able to manufacture and distribute the RP Card which will be a beautiful three sided foldable card that will be placed in the middle of the table with the RP type written on it: Positive RP, Neutral RP and Negative RP. With this card in the middle of the table, it would be clear for everyone what the adventure is all about.


I hope that this article helps giving you a better understanding of the Reputation system for the Koryo Hall of Adventures campaign setting. I will be writing more about the concepts and rules of the setting in the coming days and weeks so stay tuned!

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